Thomas Hampton Holland

One of the many joys of genealogy research is the journey it takes you on, and especially the people you meet. One such joy was meeting my cousins, Angela and Ron and family – for the very first time, earlier this year!

Thomas Hampton Holland was my 2nd ggrand-uncle – his brother Buford Holland was my 3rd ggrandfather.

The treasures below were kindly shared with us. Thank you to Angela!!!

Thomas Hampton Holland and Mattie Henry Holland are seated in the center, surrounded by family. This photo is circa 1934.

Top row, l to r: Hoyt, Jobe, Bryan, Wesley (Ansel’s son), Pack Pitts, Ansel, Bernard
Bottom, lro r: Hampton, Mary, Beth, Jo, and Hoyt Jr.; Margaret (Gete); Thomas and Mattie; Mark and Esther Pitts; J. Bryan, Mattie Lee, Lindsey Hampton, Grace, Carey

Thomas Hampton / Mattie Henry / Ansel Clair / Earl / Hoyt /Jobe

My cousin Angela Claire Holland was named after Ansel Clair Holland

Mattie Henry Holland
92 years old – 1953

Margaret Adair / Angela Holland DePaul / Esther Pitts

Cousin Angela was blessed to be able to meet these great ladies! Mrs. Pitts is the inspiration for this very website, her research started everything genealogy and history for me.