Eula Mae Holland Hansen

Memories From Aunt Mae

Born 26 February 1912, Laurens County, SC
Died 31 December 1997, Aiken County, SC


In the photo below, Missouri Jane is second from the left:

The note below is from a letter Aunt Mae sent me, it has directions to a battlefield where her grandfather, Bluford R. Holland, fought during the Civil War:

In the photo below, Mae is standing at center
the baby on the right is my Grandmother Mildred Holland Falls
Mae’s note: 6 1st cousins, about 1924.
At Grandpa & Grandma Bramlett’s Plantation. Owings Station, SC upper Laurens County.

Six Little Cousins

Mae’s father, Charles Quincy Holland
March 14, 1862-December 8, 1939

Charles Quincy Holland

Mae’s mother, Missouri Jane Bramlett Holland

Missouri Jane Bramlett Holland