Bluford Holland Company B


born August 14, 1839- died March 21, 1875

Private, Company B, 1st Regiment, South Carolina Cavalry

Enlisted August 25, 1861 at Camp Johnson, Columbia, South Carolina under Captain Niles Nesbitt

On roll April 30, 1863 as 2nd Corporal

On last available roll October 31, 1864 as 1st Corporal, sick in quarters

Source: South Carolina Archives Department, Columbia, SC26

Confederate Abstract of B. R. Holland

Lightwood Knot Springs | Camp johnson

photo contributed by Fred Knudsen

Lightwood Knot Springs

Family Recollection

Family Recollection 

If you want to go to a battle site where Bluford R. Holland fought, go to Fredericksburg, VA, take Route 17 N, go by Hartwood; then “Gale Vein”-a gentleman named Noah Brooks lives there-can direct you-go 1 or 2 miles to Summer Duck Run-turn left, cedar trees on both sides of road-go to end to Ballard cabin-red clay road-a stream and remains of a bridge left there-hillside covered with daffodils-take a small shovel and sack; get some to take home-other battle sites near:
Brandy Station, Stevensburg, etc. etc.


Transcribed from a letter from my Great-Aunt, Eula Mae Holland Hansen, who passed away New Years’ Eve, 1997. Aunt Mae was active in the Aiken Garden Club (hence the daffodil reference); Bluford R. Holland was her grandfather.

Mae Holland Hansen

Bluford R. Holland’s final resting place, the Leesville Church Cemetery in Laurens, South Carolina.