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Name Change Decree

My great-grandmother, Mary Patrick (Paruska Hawryluk)

“Paruska” is Paraska. Paraska is a short form of Paraskoviya/Paraskeva. A very popular name among Rusyns/Ukrainians. Many girls born on Friday are given that name…from Greek paraskeve which means Friday or Day of Preparation…preparation day mentioned in the Gospel in which the legs of the thieves were broken, Christ already expired.

1920 Census

[Mary Patruck]

1920 US Census

Home in 1920: Milwaukee Ward 4, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Age: 28 years

Estimated birth year: abt 1892

Birthplace: Galicia

Relation to Head of House: Wife

Spouse’s name: Roman

Father’s Birth Place: Galicia

Mother’s Birth Place: Galicia

Marital Status: Married

Race: White

Sex: Female

Year of Immigration: 1914

Able to read: Yes

Able to Write: Yes

Conscription Papers