1st SC Cavalry Miscellany

the Flag of Company F

Company F

The flag image is based on one that Bright Burrell sketched and sent to his
wife. The colors are based on the theory that  the heart had to be red and
the rest is based on the Bonnie Blue Flag colors.

flag image courtesy of Charles and John Robbins, and of Ed Crawford, all descendants of Private Bright Burrell, Company F

There are over 50 letters of correspondence between Private Bright Burrell and his wife preserved in a private collection.  The sketch of this flag was among them.

Confederate Cavalry Sabre at the SCCRRMM

Confederate Rolls of South Carolina

1898 Roll Book

Rediscovered at the Richland County Library in July of 2012, this 1898 Ledger was designed to fill in missing information from earlier compilations of Confederate soldier rosters.

Although the book is to fragile to be handled by the public, the Richland library has made the effort to digitize the book for online access here:
The Walker Local and Family History Center Digital Collection

Camp Johnson
Lightwood Knot Springs

SC Historical Marker