Hollands of Maryland

Will of Anthony Holland, 1702
Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 3
page 10
Holland, Anthony, Herring Ck., A. A. Co.,
12th Feb., 1702; 2nd Aug., 1703.

Testator sets forth that he has 4 tracts lying in Herring Ck. Swamp, obtained as follows:-120 A., “Goldsborough,” purchased from Robt. Goldsborough by deed 10th May, 1677; 50 A., part of the “Great Neck,” given to testator’s dec’d wife Isabell by will of her father, Thomas Parsons; 120 A., “Holland’s Range,” purchased from Geo. Yates 13th May, 1679, and 18 A., part of “Locust Neck,” purchased of Robt. Lockwood 8th Aug., 1682. The following disposition is made of sd. tracts:-
[p.10] To son John and hrs., 116 A. (For description see will).
To son Benjamin and hrs., 100 A. (For description see will).
To son Anthony and hrs., residue of afsd. tracts.
To son Thomas (16 yrs. of age on 20th Jan. last) and hrs., 180 A., part of “Holland’s Choice,”
Balto. Co., patented 12th May, 1670.
To son Richard at 16 yrs. of age (1st Mch., 1703), and hrs., 100 A. of the afsd. “Holland’s Choice.”
To dau. Eliza:, wife of Richard Gott, Herring Ck., 100 A. of “Holland’s Choice” afsd.
To son Jacob at 16 yrs. of age (2nd May, 1706), and hrs., 100 A., part of “Holland’s Choice.”
To son Capele at 16 yrs. of age (10th June, 1708), and hrs., 100 A., part of afsd tract.
To dau. Susanna at 16 yrs. of age (24th Apr., 1710), and hrs., 80 A., residue of tract afsd.
In event of death of any afsd. last named 6 child., survivor or survivors to inherit deceased’s portion of estate.
To young. son Abraham at 16 yrs. of age (13th June, 1714), and hrs., dwelling plantation purchased of son Richard Gott.
To Judith Deavour, personalty.
Residue of estate to child. afsd.

Exs.: Benj. Capele, Mordecay Price, Wm. Richardson, Sam’l Gassaway.
Test: Rich’d Chesheir, Jno. Anderson, Jno. Chesheir, Wm. Taylor, Chris. Vernon. 11. 316.

Will of Thomas Parsons, 1684

Note:  Thomas Parsons was Anthony Holland’s Father-In-Law

Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 1
page 128
Parsons, Thomas, A. A. Co.,
10th Oct., 1683; 31st May., 1684.

To dau. Eliza:, personalty (1 shilling)
” dau. Isabelle and hrs., 50A 
” daus. Mary and Susanna and Hrs., plantation equally at death of mother (unnamed).
Sd. plantation to pass to young. daus. (unnamed) in event of death of Mary and Susanna without issue.
” daus. Sarah and Hannah, personalty

Exs.: Anthony Holland, Benj. Capell.
Test: Jas. White. Jno. Mayhew, Nich. Grose, Rose Grose

Will of Benjamin CapelL, 1711

Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 3


Capell, Benjamin,A. A. Co.,
9th May, 1711;
20th Aug., 1711.

To Capell Holland and hrs., dwelling plantation; should he die without issue, sd. plantation to pass to Jacob Holland and hrs., and in succession to Susannah Holland and hrs. To Benja. Price and hrs., old plantation bought of his father, Mordecai Price; he dying without issue, sd. plantation to pass to Mordecai Price, Jr., and hrs.
To Eliza: Lilly and hrs., certain negroes; she dying without issue, sd. negroes to pass to Benja. Norris and his hrs.
To Thos. Holland, Mary Carter, Eliza: Norris, Mary Price, Sr., Capell Gott, personalty.

To Thos. and Jacob Holland afsd., all testator’s portion of estate of Anthony Holland.
Wife Isabel, extx., and residuary legatee.
Test: Thomas Holland, Richd. Gott, Alex. Tanzey. 13. 333.

Richard Holland, 1835

“Richard Holland Will. 26 Dec 1835

Heirs: wife Elizabeth Holland;

son Greenberry Holland;

daughters Polly, Sarah, and Susannah Holland. (Page 146-147):

“In the name of God Amen. I Richard Holland of the State of Tennessee and county of Franklin calling to mind the mortality of the body being weary and infirm in body but sound mind and of a disposing a memory make constitute and ordain this my last will and Testament as follows

Item the first I give my body to the earth to be buried in a decent Christian manner and my worldy goods and chattels and t___ments is my Will that they be disposed of as follows
Liz,1 The tract of land whereon I now reside containing two hundred and thirty
acres I will to my well beloved Wife Elizabeth during her natural life of Widowhood, afterwards
I Will it is my beloved son Greenberry
I also will all my household and kitchen furniture together will all my present
stock of mares and their increase (names of horses) to my said wife Elizabeth during her natual life of widowhood as also all my cash and cash notes and all my stock of horses cows hogs sheep, ect.

It is also my will that on the marriage of any or all of my children who are unmarried Liz, Polly and Sarah and Susannah each and share reserve as follows, Liz each one a horse bridle and saddle to be worth one hundred dollars one bed and furniture each one cow and calf two sheep and lamb and pigs each
which is to be given out of the Stock (reseaved to the widow during her Widow hood or natural life and at her death or marriage all my property not otherwise
desposed of my will is that it be equally divided between all my lawful heirs my will also is that my wagon and farming tools and machinery be left and disposed in this like manner.

Item second. I will to my youngest Daughters Susannah one negro boy named Lewis which said Lewis is to be valued at the time of the equal division of my
estate among my heirs and the value thereof held out of her The said
Susannah divided share and should said boy die before the time of said equal
division in that case said Susannah is to recieve an equal share with the rest of my heirs. My will is that the eighty acre tract of land purchased of Coln Anderson and also one hundred and fifty acres of School land
lying on the side of Cumberl and __ and be disposed of according to that tract of land mentioned.

First my desire and will is that my beloved son Greenberry run on the premises and take care of and to supertend the affairs of his father. It is also my will that all my corn wheat and oats fodder upon and on the premises for the benefit of my family the present __.

Item the third. I constitue and appoint my well beloved sons Sam and Greenberry Holland my lawful and legal executors to this my last will and testament hereby revolking all former wills before, this be my last will and testament.
In witness where of I have herewith my hand and seal this 26th day of
December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty-five and in the fifty nineth year of the soverty and Independance of the United States of

Signed sealed and acknowledged in presence of who in presence
of each other

Richard Holland

!Witnessed the same Mitchell K. Jackson and Joseph Miller.