Joseph Adair, Jr. – 1812

Will of joseph adair, jr
Laurens county, SC 1812

State of South Carolina Laurens District. In the name of God, Amen. Know all men by these presents that I, JOSEPFH ADAIR, of the same State and District are now in good health and in my natural senses at this date and time make this my last will and testament. At my death, I bequeath my body to the tomb, my soul to the almighty God, me maker and creator and Jesus Christ my redeemer.

Likewise I give and bequeath unto JOHN ADAIR, my son, all the land that I layed off for him, that RICHARD HOLLEN and JOHN PRIER now lives on and one negro woman named JUDE. Likewise, I give and bequeath unto my son JAMES ADAIR all that part of a track of land he now lives on lying on the South Side of Littel Dunkins Creek bounded on land of THOMAS MCCRARYES, ALEXANDER WILERSON for a tract of land mad over by me and my son ELISHA ADAIR to said WILERSON and one negro girl named TAMER.

Likewise, I give and bequeath to my son ELISHA ADAIR all that part of land I now live on containing three hundered seventy five acres more or less, resurvayed by JOHN A ELMORE, one negro boy named MORRIS, one new waggon and all her harness.

Likewise I give and bequeath unto JOSEPH ADAIR son of ELISHA ADAIR, one set of silver coat buttons, and one set of silver breaches buttons to my son ROBERT ADAIR. I likewise, give and bequeath unto my daughter ELIZABETH and her husband JOHN JUTRON one negro girl named CHAVIS to be tharne during their natural life, and at their death to be equally divided among all ELIZABETH HUTRON’S children of her her natural body.

Likewise, I give and bequeath unto my daughter JANE, wife of THOMAS HOLLAND, one negro girl named DICE. Likewise, I give and bequeath unto my daughter CASEY, wife of THOMAS MCCRAREY, one negro woman named SID. Likewise, I give and bequeath unto CHARITY, wife of DAVID LITTEL, one negro woman named SARAH and all the rest of my perishable property to be equally divided among my eight children of my natural body. I hereby set my hand and seal on this 20th of January, 1812. It being the thirty sixth and thirty seventh year of American Independency. And I do here appoint ELISHA ADAIR and JOHN ADAIR my Executors.

Witness present
Richard Holland Joseph Adair (Seal)
William Adair
George McCrary

Recorded in will Book D-1 Page 105. Recorded date not available.
Proven Jan. 15, 1813 David Anderson Ordy.

Notes – Research is now indicating that JUDE was the mother of DICE.

From Cousin Leona-
My 2nd great grandmother was Viney (Louvenia?)Adair (1820-1870) She married Martin Holland, who we believe was the son of Nep Holland (1791-1878) and Parmilia Miles (1793-1871) It was very hard to trace my family line because there are almost no records of black people before 1870, but thru family stories, Greenville Library and one of my Holland cousins who lives and breathes Ancestry, we narrowed it down to Viney being the daughter of Dice Adair , who was the daughter of Joseph Adair Jr. (1733-1812) and a enslaved woman named Jude. My cousin made most of her discoveries thru GEDmatch, comparing many, many DNA results. So, while it is not written in stone, her conclusions seem to be well founded.

Any assistance in tracking down more information would be greatly appreciated.