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Marj’s JAMES ADAIR Research

I have wondered for a long time if perhaps this James Adair, Indian Trader, is my ancestor.

I have had a letter in my files for about 20 years about my Adair family. (I have always wondered how accurate the info is!). My Nancy Adair write up was written about by her grandson in Indiana, I guess sometime before 1901. I have a typewritten copy of the letter but do not know where the original is located.

For many years I have tried to place a father for my Nancy Adair born, 1744-46. I have gathered a lot of information on Adairs and put them into chronological order. I have some which verifies much of what is published on our James Adair site. I am willing to share what I have found in my research but it is a large amount of data. I wish that I could say I have solved the James Adair mystery but I am wondering if it can be solved!! I am making no claims what so ever on anyone or anything!

The letter, which you may already know about (Many researchers have a copy, especially in the Tyner family.) is copied below. Here goes:

The following was written by Elijah Hackleman, son of Abraham and Margaret (Tyner) Hackleman and grandson of Harris and Nancy (Adair) Tyner. Elijah Hackleman died in 1901.

“Harris Tyner (my grandfather) was born on 4th day of August 1740, the exact place cannot be given. But at the time of the breaking out of the Revolutionary War, the Tyner family lived on Great Pedee River near the line between North Carolina and South Carolina.

Most of our relatives have thought that he lived in Abbeville District, South Carolina but that is a mistake for Grandmother Tyner did not live there until after his death.

Grandfather Tyner was born and raised on the Peedee River and there married NANCY ADAIR (an aunt of Gen. Adair, a future Governor of Kentucky) and as above stated most of the relatives have it that immediately after marriage moved to Abbeville District, South Carolina and as a historical event of that kind makes but little difference, we will adopt that as true. Grandfather Tyner was Captain of Militia in the colony of South Carolina before the Revolution. And on the breaking out of that war, he was held as a British subject which gave him much trouble. In fact, it was a kind of a Whig-Tory fight and hardly any of the pioneers knew which side they were on and cared less and long family quarrels were then settled by one family murdering another, and then revenge again for these murders.

Finally in the summer of 1778 grandfather Tyner was killed whether by the Indians or in a Whig and Tory scrimmage cannot now be ascertained. He was then in the prime of his life being only 38 years old.”

Marj’s Data

1 Dec 1654 John Lee. Esq, gr of 2600ac in Westmoreland Co, VA, adj Machoticke Path, Cap. John Lee, Thos. Philpot.STEPHEN ADAY was one of the trans. VA Pat Bk 6 197… (see Guildord Co, NC Adairs)

23 Apr 1688 William Whittington, 250ac in Charles City Co,Bristol Par, on the Sside Nmost part of Blackwater, trans. CHRISTOPHER ADEAR. VA Pat Bk 7 633

1709 JAMES ROBERT ADAIR born in County Antrim, Ireland. The Adair sons JOSEPH, JAMES ROBERT, & WILLIAM (and others?) came to America ca. 1730, in NCSC by 1735. Samuel Cole Williams says
that JAMES ADAIR was probably a YOUNGER son of SIR ROBERT ADAIR who had moved from Scotland to Ireland before 1690. Source: Adair’s book

(Not one person I know of has ever “proved” this, or that the father was a Thomas Adair! Why are none of the sons of these three men named Thomas???)

1735-1747 JAMES ADAIR was trading with the Cherokees. Source: Adairs’ book.

1736 JAMES ADAIR mentions being at Kanootare the most northern town of the Cheerokke. (Where is Kanootare? Same as Connutre in now SW North Carolina?) source: Adair’s book

1736-1738 JAMES ADAIR 400ac on South side of Deep River at head of Buffalo Creek called Golden Grove & Silver Spring. Bladen Prec., Bath Co, NC Land Warrants # 504

(The only place I can find where the Deep River & Buffalo Creek merge is at the Chatham & Moore County line!)

ca 1739 Mention is made of a war stirred up by “JOHN ADAIR, the talented Chickasaw agent of South Carolina. Source: “The Southern Indians”, page 27. (Should this read JAMES

29 Jul 1740 JAMES ADAIR & CLARK HOBSON, Northumberland Co, VA Marriage records

Oct 1741 HARRIS TYNER on jury list. Chowan Co, NC P&QS 1730-45,_

26 Aug 1742 ELIZABETH HOBSON & Andrew Allen, Northumberland Co, VA Marrige records

Jan 1743 JAMES ADAIR vs John Arthur, case & trover..Mr. Vernon appeared for deft. Was discontinued in Oct 1744. Chowan Co, NC P&QS 1730-45,_.

1743 JAMES ADAIR did a census of the Catawba Indians, mentions his residence with them. Source: Adair’s book.

Jul 1743 Thomas Parker vs JAMES ADAIR Case #18, executed & security…later found for pltf. Chowan Co, NC P&QS 1730-45, _.

20 Oct 1743 Ann Adair, dau of JAMES ADAIR born. St. Stephen’s Parish, Northumberland Co, VA. B. Fleet, Northumberland Co, VA Records. (This would be Saranna Adair, and would put her father in VA in Feb 1743)

23 Jan 17456 Hebson (prob should be Hobson) Adair, dau of JAMES ADAIR born. St. Stephens Parish, Northumberland Co, VA. B. Fleet, Records of Northumberland Co, VA. (This would put her father in VA in May 17456..Marj)

1 Oct 1745 DR. JAMES ADAIR & wife CLARK of St. Stephens Parish to William Barrett of Wicomico, for a parcel of land. Northumberland Co, VA DB A 973 B2 8 Tylers Quarterl Historical Mag., vol 80

1745 In the winter of 1745 James Adair was among his beloeved “brave
& cheerful” Chickasaw Indians, he had become friendly with them earlier in South Carolina. Source: Adair’s book.

26 Jan 1747 “The South Carolina Journal” mentions JAMES ADAIR. He wrote a
letter from Beaver Creek. Sources: Indian Books, page 56, at SC Archives, also Adair’s book.

16 Feb 1747 SC Commons House Journal mentions JAMES ADAIR. Source: Adair’s

Nov 1746-Apr 1750 JohnstonDobbsLenoir Cos, NC Deed Index,Bk.1 James McIllwain to JAMES ADAIR, p130 ca 1746 Michael Huggins to Stephen CADE, p178

Jan 17467 NANCY ADAIR birthdate (In Mecklinburg Co, NC per her grandson?) using calender & tombstone record. (Need to study calender changes and it would have been
Bladen County!)

7 Oct 1748 William (X) Curlee to ANDREW ALLEN fee of rent of 4 sh for every hundred acres hereby granted to William Curlee….Witt John Maxwell, JAMES ADAIR & John Rasbury. SS Land Grant Records for Dobbs Co, NC, Vol 76, 278 (This is at the top of the page of Andrew Allen’s LW&T….see later)

20 Apr 1745 William Curley was granted 300ac in Craven Co, NC on N side of Great Contentney Creek…Pat Bk 22 319

09 Apr 1750 JAMES ADAIR’S advertisement for his brochure on the Indian Nation 1738-1747, ran in the South Carolina Gazette, “the whole thing supported by Records,Original Letters and Living Witnesses”. After this he was off to live with the Overhill Cherokees. He most
likely started drinking heavily during this period, due to his frustrations with Gov. Glenn. Source: Adair’s book.

May 1750 JAMES ADAIR’S petition for reimbursement of expenses was rejected by Gov. Glenn. Source: Adair’s book.

7 May 1751 JAMES ADAIR’S letter was written to Wm. Pinckney from the Overhill towns. Source: Adair’s book.

19 Sep 1751 LW&T ELIZABETH ALLEN of Johnston Co, NC, to my husband ANDREW the use of all my slaves (Lewcie, Jueth, Jamey, Joseph, Philis, Barbary, Kelise) during his lifetime, then to my kinswoman SARAHANN ADAIR, dau of JAMES ADAIR and his wife CLERK.


William (X) Bairfield, CLARK ADAIR. NC Colonia Wills

Northumberland County, VA Records

ca 1635Thomas Hobson (Sr) born

ca 1666 Thomas Hobson (Jr) born

7 Jun 1679 list of tithables for Northumberland County:

William Allen, Thomas Clarke and Thomas Hobson Sr & Jr.

6 Nov 1689 Thomas Hobson Sr. had a wife SARAH.

1691 Thomas Hobson Sr. died, widow Sarah

5 Oct 1710 Will of William Winder dec’d was proved on the oath of Mr. THO. HOBSON & CLARK HOBSON his wife, and Thomas Stretton.

1710 Fairfield was a parish in Northumberland Co, VA

20 Jul 1711 Elizabeth & John Hobson, children of Thomas Hobson

Mar 1716 Thomas Hobson dec’d, wife Clark exor.

Thomas, b 30 Aug 1694

Sarah Ann, b 13 Oct 1698

Elizabeth, b 14 Oct 1698? (md Andrew Allen)

William, b 28 Apr 1700, md Judith _

John, b 4 Mar 1701

Lealesina, b 22 May 1712

Clark Adair, b 1712-1716 In 1743 named in LW&T of her mother. She md James Adair

29 Jul 1740 JAMES ADAIR & Clark Hobson

26 Jul 1742 Elizabeth Hobson & Andrew Allen

20 Oct 1743 ANN ADAIR, dau of JAMES ADAIR born

23 Jan 1745 HEBSON ADARE, (prob Hobson) dau of JAMES ADAIR born

Sources: Northumberland Co, Va Order Books 4&5, 1678-1713 & B.Fleet, Northumberland Co, VA Records & Virginia Marriage Records (Chickcoun, located on S side of Potomac & N side of
Rappahannock River, Hulls Creek & Chetanck)


1751 tax digest for Johnston County North Carolina shows; JAMES ADAIR with 5w and 8b.

Apr 1754-56 JohnstonDobbsLenoir Co, NC Deed Books, Index

Stephen CADE to Robert Jones, p46


Stephen CADE to Robert Jones, p116

ROBERT CADE to Julius Alford, p135 (Cade later lived adj HARRIS TYNER)

William CADE to John Atkinson, p17

1754 JOHN TYNER listed in Johnston Co, NC Malitia

10 Oct 1755 JAMES ADAIR 462ac in Johnston Co, NC on N side of Great Contenty Creek commonly called FAIRFIELDS, adj Samuel Samford & ANDREW ALLEN & Earle of Granville. Pat Bk 2 893

1756-57 JohnstonDobbsLenoir Cos, NC Deed Index, Bk 4

William CADE to Jacob Herring, p425

Stephen CADE to William Herritage p544

JAMES ADAIR to Benjamin Blackledge p554

1757-58 JohnstonDobbsLenoir Cos, NC Deed Index, Bk 5

JOHN TWINER to John Sutton, p116

Benjamin Caswell to JAMES ADAIR, p353

JAMES ADAIR to Robert Hutchins, p353


NICHOLAS TYNER to Piercybell Clay, p498



1758 JAMES ADAIR was at Ft. Moore and gave favorable impression of Gov. William Henry Littleyton. He was called CAPT. ADAIR. Source: Adair’s book.

1758-65 JohnstonDobbsLenoir Cos, NC Deed Index, Bk. 6

Benjamin Caswell to JAMES ADAIR, p353

JOHN CADE to Christopher Garlington, p411

Aug 1759 JAMES ADAIR of Dobbs Co, NC for ye love & affection unto William McTyre and SARA his wife of Dobbs, 200ac (part of 462ac patent (Bk 2 893)) on N side of Great Contentnea
Creek, commonly called FAIRFIELDS, next to Mr Allens line crossing Jumping Run to Edward Scarborough near the mannor plantation where sd JAMES ADAIR NOW LIVES ON, NAMED FAIRFIELDS and to be surveyed and run out to the direction & convience of JAMES ADAIR’S other lands not hurting more especially ye plantation of the said JAMES ADAIR…to
sd William McTyre and SARANN his wife.



Abraham Sheppard & Simon Holmes. SS Land Office Records, Vol 76, 256

1759 JAMES ADAIR was in Augusta, GA and met Henry Atkins. Source: Adair’s book.

28 Apr 1761 “A memorial of JAMES ADAIR was presented to the House (of SC)
and the same containing improper and indecent language was rejected without being read thro”. Source: Adairs book.

1761 to 1768 During these years, JAMES ADAIR stayed with the Chickasaws and
wrote the greater portions of his book. Source: Adair’s book.

24 Apr 1762 John Howell 100ac in Dobbs Co, NC on N side of Contentey on Jumping Creek adj DOCTOR ADAIR. Pat Bk 15 6048

29 Oct 1762 LW&T ANDREW ALLEN planter of North Carolina, to Thomas Walton son of John Walton & his wife Hannah of Kent Co MD, 350ac in Dobbs County upon Great Contentea Creek adj Shadaks line, and for want of such heirs to Grace Meers wife of Elisha Meers who is the dau
of Stephen Walton of Accomack Co, VA. To my beloved wife Precila Allen dau of Jacob Vanpelt of Craven Co, NC, 400ac in Dobbs on Great Contentea Creek also my negroes Luce (named in
Elizabeth Allen’s LW&T 1751), Kelles (named in Elizabeth Allen’s will), Joseph (named in
Elizabeth Allen’s will) , Anthoney, Frank, Phillis (named in Elizabeth Allen’s will), Barbary (named in Elizabeth Allen’s will) & Candise, also one half of my stock, household goods
& tobacco and the other half to my friend Grace Meers the other half. To my friend Gilbert Ker my negro Isaac, also my full suit of clothes & the Old Book the Cronacle of Breatis. To my BIL John Vanpelt my watch. To my wife the history of the World and the axplanation of the old
Testament. Exors wife Precila, friends Jacob Vanpelt & Gilbert Ker.

Andrew Allen (seal) Witt Anthoney Vanpelt, Frederick Gibble & Ann (X)

Proved 18 Nov 1762. NC SS Land Grant Records Vol 76, 278-80. At the bottom of page 280………Baltimore County to wit:

As this 22 day of June 1770 came Blackledge Woodland an inhabitant of said county age 67 years says that when he was about 13 years old he was with his uncle Benjamin Blackledge in
Kent County on the bay side to learn the trade of tanner for about three and one half years during which time he frequently visited at John Walthams who had as he understood a year before his sittling with his uncle removed from Somerset County and setttled on the bay side in Kent
County about half a mile…

1 Apr 1763 Mosias Jones warrant to _ to survey 700ac in Johnston Co, on S side of Little River and on both sides of Gales branch, adj HARRIS TYNER and Jones own line….granted 9 Jan 1761 Misc. Land Office Papers-NC State Archives #4701

1 Apr 1763 Mosias Jones entry, 700ac in Johnston Co, NC 700ac pn S side of Little River and on both sides of Gails branch, adj Jones own line & HARRIS TYNER. Misc. Land Office Papers-NC State Archives #4700

8 Jul 1763 Mosias Jones plat, 391ac in Johnston Co, NC on S side of Little River and on both sides of Gails branch, adj William Anderson Fowler, HARRIS TYNER, and ROBERT CADE. CC Godfrey Fowler, Charles Thomson. Misc. Land Office Papers-NC State Archives #4702


Jul 1763 Lay road out from HARRIS TYNERS at Little River bridge to cross Newse River at Tim. Riches and cross Crabtree, to county line, etc etc… Johnston Co, NC Minutes Bk–p161

1763 JAMES ADAIR granted ___ac in Mecklenburg on Catawba River. CC Andrew McNabb & James Armstrong. Mecklenburg Co, NC Original Land Survey Index, file 82

5 Dec 1763 JAMES ADAIR to SARANN McTRYE, both of Dobbs, 200ac for love and affection to my daughter Sarann McTyre to be at her disposal at all times and no other person whatsoever….200ac of land that JAMES ADAIR now lives on as named FAIRFIELDS, WITH
RIGHTS TO HIS WIFE GRAVE, use of the chamber closet and a room above where the fireplace is in the great house and the use of Kitchen, Dairy, Smoke House, Quarter, Corn House and Stable and part of the Garden and ground for a cotton patch and pasture and feeding and watering cattle
right or interest or claim whatsoever….JAMES ADAIR shall & will give up all Benefits above Excepting his Wife’s Grave Yard in two or three years after this date.

JAMES ADAIR(seal) Witt

John Cade &


NC SS Land Grant Records, Vol 76, 259-261 Proved Jan 1764

(on same page) 5 Dec 1763 JAMES ADAIR to SARANN McTYRE both of Dobbs, 185pd 62ac on N side of Great Contentea and belonging to a tract called FAIRFIELDS granted in October XXIX year (1755) of the reign of our late King George ye Second…to William McTyre and his wife
SARANN….(need to get rest of page!)

(This is the last of the 10 Oct 1755 grant totaling 462ac. He deeded Aug 1769, 200ac to Wm &
Sara McTyre & again 5 Dec 1763, 200ac to Sarann McTyre and now the remaining 62ac, to his daughter Sarann McTrye) SS Land Grant Records Vol 76, 259-261

23 Dec 1763 JAMES ADAIR 128ac in Dobbs Co, NC on N side of Great Contentney adj ADAIR”S own line and creek bank opposite of the Norhunty. Pat Bk 15 6933

3 Jun 1765 HARRIS TYNER (Who married NANCY ADAIR ca 1765-68), granted land in Colleton Co, SC..source was a letter written in 1970 from a Mrs. Earl C. Tyner. She states, “Harris was
the first of several brothers to receive grants in that area. They were from Colleton and adjoining Granville counties. These two counties in those days were long, narrow counties reaching from the coastline to the mountains and were later divided into several small counties. Abbeville Dist contains part of each county”.

1765-69 JohnstonDobbsLenoir Cos, NC Deed Index, Bk.7

JAMES ADAIR to Moses Spieght, p69



7 Apr 1766 Craven Co, SC, Gidion (his seal) GIBSON, Gentleman, quit claims to JAMES ADAIR of Dobbs C, NC a certain number of negroes in a bill of sale given under the hands and seals of JOHN & AGNES GIBSON of Craven Co, SC.


Misc Records South Carolina, Vol OO, p 134

21 Mar 1767 JAMES ADAIR in Dobbs Co, NC do hereby revoke all powers and letters and appoint my trusty friend GIDION GIBSON in Craven Co, SC my true & lawful attorney to recover of Benjamin Street the sum of 514pd 8s and interest due me. The said GEDION GIBSON may permit my
two loving daughters in said county, SARAN MACKTYR and ELIZABETH HOBSON CADE, to my dau SARAANN McTYRE to allow her use, labour, benefit and hire of my four negroes named Phillip, Achilles, Hannah and Little Nell: to my dau ELIZABETH HOBSON CADE , to permit her hire of my three negroes, Old Nell, Judith Nell & Jacob, shall not permit my two daus to be without some one of the said negroes to be always doing their House work to each of them to keep a negro in the
house that is able & sufficient to do the house labor.


pr 3 Sep 1767

SC Misc. Rec. Vol ll p82-86

Jul 1767 Ordered that HARRIS TYNER SR be recommended as a poor aged person incapable of performing public duties & paying taxes.

Johnston Co, NC Minutes Bk–, p22.

21 Jul 1767 SC, C’n County. JAMES ADAIR of Dobbs Co, NC for natural love and affection to my dau AGNES ADAIR now wife of JOHN GIBSON of Craven Co, SC, 20sh paid by GIDION GIBSON my trustee, four negroes named Lucy, Candie, Frank & Sampson.


SC Misc, Records Vol ll p89-91

20 Aug 1767 GEDION GIBSON, Gentleman, on Great Pedee in Craven Co, SC, for 700pd, to JAMES ADAIR of Dobbs Co, NC, negroes Lucey, Kilis, Pleasant, Candice, Hannah, Nell & Judith.


Misc Records South Carolina, Vol OO, p 136

21 Aug 1767 JAMES ADAIR of Dobbs Co, NC, to GIDION GIBSON of Craven Co, SC, 800pd, one woman Pleasant, child Judith, man Achilles.


SC Misc. Records Vol OO p89

May 1768 JAMES ADAIR left the Chickasaws and went North, to visit Sir William Johnson of Johnson Hall of New York. Source: Adair’s book.

30 Apr 1769 JAMES ADAIR reports to Johnson that he “is on ye point of returning southwardly by way of Philadelphia”. Source: Adair’s book

1769 tax digest for Dobbs Co, NC shows;

JAMES ADAIR 1w 1 total taxables






Nicholas Tiner,Sr1 1

James Tiner 2 2 & James Bouzer


15 Sep 1769 (proved) James Ivey to DR. JAMES ADAIR 30pd 200ac in the
fork of Little Pedee on E side of Mitchels Creek. (org. grant in 1758 to Jordon GIBSON & to John Wooten in 1761 & to Benjamin Davis in 1762 & to James Ivey in 1766.) Witt John McLean &
Archd McKissack. Bladen County, NC. DB 1738-1779, 85

1769-71 JohnstonDobbsLenoir Cos, NC Deed Index, Bk. 8

JAMES TYNER to Hardy Dendor, p132

Christopher Reynolds to JAMES ADAIR, p284

Christopher Reynolds to JAMES ADAIR, p285

Christopher Reynolds to JAMES ADAIR, p286

1771-73 JohnstonDobbsLenoir Cos, NC Deed Index, Bk. 9

Christopher Reynolds to JAMES ADAIR, p66

Christopher Reynolds to JAMES ADAIR, p69

John Tilghman to JAMES ADAIR, p–

JAMES ADAIR to Christopher Reynolds, p74

William Barfield to JAMES ADAIR, p181

William Barfield to JAMES ADAIR, p183

28 Jan 1773 John Ballard to Gilbert McCarmag both of Bladen, 30pd 100ac on a prong of Little Pee Dee, gr to John Bullard 10 Apr 1761.

John Ballard (seal) Witt Richd Smith, ELIZABETH HOBSON CADE & JOHN CADE.

Bladen Co, NC DB 1738-1779, p370……..Elizabeth Hobson Cade

23 Mar 1773 Benjamin Fuller of prov. of SC to JAMES ADAIR of Dobbs Co, NC 20pd 200ac in Bladen on both sides of Wilkinson’s Swamp (was a branch on NE side of Little Pee Dee, near Harrison’s Creek…description from other grants), E side of Little Peedee.

signed Benjamin Fuller (seal) Witt JOHN CADE, Edward Hughs

Bladen DB 17381804, 373

1773-75 & 77-79 JohnstonDobbsLenoir Cos, NC Deed Index,Bk 10

William Barfield to JAMES ADAIR, p67

John Tilghman to JAMES ADAIR, p68


William Barfield to JAMES ADAIR, p96


JAMES ADAIR to Lewis Barfield, p364

JAMES ADAIR to Miles Barfield, p—

Thomas Barfield to JAMES ADAIR, p380

1774 or 1775 JAMES ADAIR came to Elizabeth Town and applied to Mr William
Livingston (afterwards Gov. of NJ) requesting him to correct his manuscript for him and Adair took passage on the first vessel bound for England. Source: Elias Bouditot’s “A Star in the West”. From Adair’s book.

23 Jun 177422 Nov 1774 Alexander Hemphill 150ac in Craven on N of Allisons Creek, adj SE sd Hemphill & John Patton, NE John Patton, W John Thompson, NW Saml. Hemphill, SE vacant. Deputy Surveyor FRANCIS ADAIR.

SC Mem Bk 13 116:2

2 Aug 1774 James McKelroy and wife Dianah of Craven Co, to HERMON KOLB of Boonesborough tnsp, 100pd SC money ___ac, adj land laid out for Hugh Fee. Witt John Basingham, William Ross & Willm. Bracher. (Chester Co, SC?, failed to note county) SC DB P 4

23 Mar 1775 Benjamin Fuller of SC to JAMES ADAIR of Dobbs Co, NC, 20pd, 200ac on both sides of Wilkesons Swamp on Little Pedee.

Witt John Cade & Edward Hughes.

Bladen Co, NC DB 17381804, 373

This infers that James Adair was still in Dobbs Co.

May & June 1775 JAMES ADAIR visited England and reviews of his book were given in the “London Magazine” in May 1775 and in the “Scots Magazine” of June 1775.

1778 LW&T of JAMES ADAIR.. to Robert Adair land in Ballymeena Co, Ireland–to Alexander Johnston in Ireland–to dau Saranna McTyer land in Wilkinsons Swamp–to daus Elizabeth Hobeson,
Cade, Agnes Gibson. Witt Archibald McKissack. Bladen Co, NC WB 1 476

(No date that is was proved, original will in archives…….need to get a good copy of this!!!!! It was proven in 1779, see below, in Bladen Co, NC)

1778 Marker pointing out grave of Dr. James Robert Adair, trader, author, surgeon on staff of King George 111, surgeon to Gen Francis Marion’s army during the Revolution. Located Rowland, NC…..Left on US 301 at it’s junction with state road 71.
Ashpole Cemetery, in use for over 150 years, is on the eastern side of Mitchells Creek,
near the site of the old Adair home.

Source “North Carolina, Old North State…WPA Projects, p324, 325.

1779JohnstonDobbsLenoir Cos, NC Deed Book Index, Bk 11

JAMES ADAIR to Menon Patrick, p46

John Grainger to JAMES ADAIR, P132

1779 JAMES ADAIR dec’d, Sarah Ann McTees(?) ex. Bladen Co, NC Misc. Records filed at NC Archives. (He did not die in 1780’s!)

1779-84 JohnstonDobbsLenoir Cos, NC Deed Book Index, Bk 12

JAMES ADAIR to Jesse Barfield,141

JAMES ADAIR to Jesse Barfield, p146

15 Apr 1785 George Cox Sr. 150ac on head of Walkers Creek, border, place where “A DEAR” lives. Cumberland Co, NC Land Entrys, 1778-1795, 84

James (and Mary, by 1768) Adair of Mecklinburg VA

21 Dec 1763 JAMES ADAIR 200ac in Mecklenburg Co, NC on W side of Catawba River and upper end of island including island, & Thomas Stone.

Pat Bk 13 4365

21 Dec 1763 Francis Beaty 150ac in Meclinburg Co, NC on W side of Catauba River between Old Stones (now JAMES ADAIR) at mouth of Dutchmans Creek know by name of Delaney place, adj the river opposite of Thomsons Creek and several courses of river.

Pat BK 13 4376

10 Aug 1768 JAMES ADEAR & wife MARY to Abslom Waters both of Mecklenburg, 80pd 200ac on W side of Catawba River which he NOW lives on, near the upper end of the island. (granted ADAIR 21 Dec 1763)

Witt Andrew Hampton, Benjamin Hider & Samuel McC (anley?).

Meckenburg Co, NC DB 4 733 (or DB 12-69?)

James Adair of Tryon

(May be same as James & Mary of Mecklinburg)

Apr 1769 George Rutledge serve a constable in room of JAMES ADAIR.

Tryon Co, NC CT. Min., 1769-79

15 Dec 1769 JAMES ADEAR 200ac on Cleghorns Creek of Broad River adj Thomas Johnston.

Warrant #524 SS9463 Tryon Co, NC Land Warrants

14 Nov 1771 JAMES ADAIR 200ac in Tryon Co on both sides of Cleghorns Creek of Broad River, adj Thomas Johnston.

Pat Bk 20 #3211

19 Jan 1773 James Taylor 300ac on both sides of Cleghorns Creek adj JAMES ADAIR.

Tryon Co, NC Land Warrants, #1109 SS588

Jan 1775 JAMES ADAIR app overseer of road leading from Coll. Walkers past Wm Gilberts to Waggon Ford below mouth of the Green River.

Tryon Co, NC Ct Min 1769-79.

28 Feb 1775 William Gilbert 200ac in Tryon Co on both sides of Cleghorns Creek of Broad River, including Thomas Johnstons improvement and joining the Waggon road near ADAIRS

Pat Bk 26 195

Jul 1775 JAMES ADAIR overseer of road between HIS HOUSE & Waggon Ford road below mouth of Green River.

Tryon Co, NC Ct Min 1769-79

1776 JAMES ADAIR on Tryon Co, NC tax digest

Jul 1777 JAMES ADEAR overseer of road leading from the mouth of Green River by Coll. Walkers to the South line in that part between the Ford on Broad River below the mouth of the Green River and his own house & William Henry on that part of said road between JAMES
ADEARS and Coll. Walker & Thomas Welch from Coll. Wallkers to Grassy Branch, George Harris from the Grassy Branch to muddyfork of Buffaloe… Alexander Coulter serve as overseer
leading from JAMES ADEARS to White Oak Fork crossing Broad River at Twittys Ford.

Tryon Co, NC Ct Min 1769-79

12 Mar 1779 Jonathan Gullick & Jas Logan 200aac on Sheppards Creek, adj JAMES ADAIR, border and Gilbert.

Tryon Co, NC Land Entry #630

11 Sep 1780 Lt. Anthoney Allaire’s diary concerning a “march fording the Broad River and marching 10 miles to one ADAIRS house”.

Griffins History of Old Tryon & Rutherford Cos, NC, p75

10 Oct 1785 Court to meet at the new courthouse settled by the commissioner near JAMES ADEAR’S. The courthouse near JAMES ADEAR’S was no doubt a permanent structure, as nothing appears in the records in regard to another building until 1838.

Griffin’s “History of Old Tryon & Rutherford Cos, NC p107

7 Sep 1786 JAMES ADAIR sold to the commissioners a site for the county seat town, 10pd 50ac. The boundries show that the tract embraced the present (1937) business section of the
town of Rutherford.

DB G-185 and Griffins “History of Old Tryon & Rutherford Cos, NC.

12 Jul 1791 JAMES ADAIR, farmer of Rutherford Co to John Irvin Esq of Lincoln Co, for love I bear my neice ELIZABETH MOORE, dau of my brother WILLIAM ADAIR & wife of said John
Moore…having no child of my own to inherit my estate…186ac on both sides of Cleghorns Creek
of Broad River, begin at Thos. Johnston’s corner. Said tract of 214ac gr JAMES ADAIR 12 Nov 1771, except 14ac granted to Felix Walker for building Rutherford County Court House, in deed dated 7 Sep 1786, begin on bank of Mill House Branch.

witt James Miller, W. Alexander. Rutherford Co, DB G 297 851…in DB G 300 852 the same
Elizabeth Moore mentions the wife of JAMES ADAIR is also still living.
Get copy of deed and see how he signed!

1793 Rutherfordton, NC (created 1787) The county of Rutherford , originally Old Tryon, was only eight years old at the city’s founding. It all began when 50ac were purchased from JAMES ADAIR for $240.00. Six years later in 1793 JAMES ADAIR deeded additional property on the west side of Cleghorn Creek to the town of Rutherfordton, which increased the town size to 50ac….

“History of Rutherford Co, NC…p45

17 Jul 1798 John Moore of Lincoln Co, NC to James Millar of Rutherford Co, NC, 350pd 220ac. Mentions grant of 650ac to David Millar and James Moore’s corner, formerly known to be
the land and habitation of JAMES ADAIR.

Witt Wallace Alexander, James Campbell.

618, 28 Dec 1798 Tryon Co, NC Genealogiacal Society, Aug 1796, p120

WILLIAM ADAIR, RWS, md 1 May 1783 in Lincoln Co, NC to Catherine Janes (Jaynes, Geans). Bible in his handwriting in pension papers. W9691. He died 15 May 1808 Rutherford Co, NC.
Catherine Janes (born 1768) died 11 Jan 1849 in St. Frances Co, MO.



Mary, b 3 Feb 1784

John, b 16 Jun 1785

Jean b 11 Oct 1787, md Edward Floyd Ferinton

Frances, b 28 May 1788

Thomas, b 27 Feb 1790

William, b 13 Mar 1793, md Anney Arminda Tyler

Catherine, b 6 Mar 1795, md Oliver Wallace


1771 Chester Co, PA Tax digest: JAMES ADAIR 100ac & 6 sheep.

PA Archives, Vol 7

possible connection?

1773 LW&T James Stephenson of Craven Co, SC names exors JAMES ADARE SR & James Fowler. Mary Fowler was a witt.

SC Will VV, 1776-1784

get this!

1 Jul 1789 Josiah Hill of Chester to JAMES ADAIR, 10sh 150ac on Sandy River. Witt W. Palmer & Richard Miles.

Chester Co, SC DB B 98

8 Oct 1789 JAMES ADAIR witt deed of Daniel & Sarah Traverse to James Beck of York Co, SC for 60ac on Turkey Creek.

Chester Co, SC DB B 398

31 Mar 1790 JAMES ADAIR of Chester to HERMON KOLB of York, 20ps 150ac on Sandy River. signed JAMES & HANNAH ADAIR.

Chester Co, SC DB B 403

7 Jul 1790 LW&T David Steavenson of Chester Co, SC, to dau ANNE ADAIR all my tract of 200ac on Tirkey Creek in York County. To my son Thos. Steavenson 5sh. To my son William Steavenson 5 sh. To heirs of my dau Jane Hamiliton 5 sh and to heirs of my dau Mary
Fowler, dec’d. 5 sh. To gson David Steavenson (son of dec’d son James Steavenson) 5 sh. The remainder to dau ANNE ADAIR, my SIL JAMES ADARE to be sole exor. witt David Moffaff, Williamson Byersd & Edwd. Lacey.

pr Jul 1790. Chester Co, SC Bk A 86, apt63 pkg980

29 Aug 1797 JAMES ADAIR & wife MARY, to John Carter Jr, 132ac 85pd, part of 200ac gr to Enoss Bond on 19 Feb 1767 it now belonging to MARY ADAIR, late Mary Simms, except 68ac conveyed to John Carter Sr: on Soodg (Sandy?) River. witt J.O. Beard & James Tryon…dower sworn
before William Gaston on 24 Feb 1798.

1790 census of South Carolina

JAMES ADAIR Chester 134-5 p15

1795-1799 JAMES ADARE app gdn of four orphan children of Nathan Sims. The gdnship lead to suit against Mary Sim “alais MARY ADAIR” and JAMES ADAIR.

Chester Co, SC Ct Min. (no pages cited)

8 Aug 1808 LW&T HARMON KOLB; 250ac to Mary Love, Marget Fleamster, Ruth Love, Catey Kolb, Joseph Kolb & Elizabeth Kolb to be equally divided between the 6 of thm. Oldest son Casemon Kolb, SIL Elizabeth Kolb (his brother is dead). Nephew Silas Kolb. To John Smith
(evidently lives with him). To William Love’s oldest son, to Elizabeth Kolb Jr. Exor & friend William Fleamster.

Witt Byron Lee & Byron (X) Lee. pr 22 Feb 1809.l

Chester Co, SC DB D 377, apt 35, pkg 539

31 Jul 1834 LW&T JAMES ADARE SR of Chesterville, Chester Co, gdau Anna Ervin (dau of Robert Reburon & his wife Sus) 14 est. To youngest son (his name not remembered!) of Robert Dale & my dau Elisa Dale 14 est. To John Kenndy son of Margaret Kennedy 14 est. To
gsons Edward & Fouler Adare sons of James Junr. 14est. James Adare Jr & John McCreary Esq. to be exors.

witt J.D. Goore, Rust Huison & Wm. A. Rosborough.

James Adare (LS)…pr 6 Jul 1835.

Chester Co, SC BK M 104, Apt 1, pkg 33

7 Mar 1835 JAMES ADAIR SR (signed by mark “A”) signed POA for his pension payments.

26 Jun 1835 Died at his residence in Chesterville, on Friday morning on 26th June after a protracted & painful illness, JAMES ADARE SR, in his 85th year of age. MR ADARE was a native of Pennsylvania, and imigrated to South Carolina just before the commencement of the American Revolution. He took an active part in the struggles & carried honorable scars received in service of his country.

Source: The Southern Times and State Gazette, issue 17 Jul 1835

RWS JAMES ADAIR, (S9264) born 15 Aug 1752 in Bucks Co,PA. Married Hannah __. Served from York Co,SC in 1776-1782. Died 18 Aug 1818.

If the above is true, WHO is JAMES ADAIR, age 82 on 1832 pension roll of Chester Co, SC???

Query: Need parents & husband of (NANCY ADAIR) Gaston, born 1785 (in York Co, SC?), d 1835…to Lowndes Co, MS. Her ch: Leander, Elihu, Lafayette, Matilda, Theresa, Jackson, Mary, Ira, James. What was her relationship to James Love Gaston 1775-1862?

JAMES ADAIR, b 8 May 1752, to York dist, SC shortly before the war and during the war moved to Craven (now Chester dist) SC. LW&T was proved 6 Jul 1835. Md 1. Anna Stephenson, dau of David (and or Hannah Netherton..per Leo’s notes) & 2. Mrs Mary Simms.


SUZANNE, md Robert Robinson

ANNA, md Mr Irwin

MARGARET, b 31 Dec 1780, md George Kennedy, died 22 Nov 1872.

Adelaide, b 27 Sep 1807, md William E. Sledge


ELIZABETH E, b 1 Jan 1789, md Robert Dale, lived Lowndes Co, MS 1836, d 25 Dec 1886
in ARK.

James Adair, 21 Jul 1806

Albert, 7 Jul 1808

Richard N. 30 Jun 1810

Allie 20 Jun 1815

Jane 20 Jun 1819

William 19 Sep 1822

John 28 May 1825

Robert Jr, 23 Aup 1827

Nancy C. 30 Mar 1832

JAMES JR, b 11 Dec 1792, md Rebecca Meek, d 22 Jan 1888 in Lowndes Co, MS, buried in KOLB family cemetery.

Edward S, md Juliann F. Gallager

Sarah L, 27 Feb 1823, md Joseph L. Kolb (he b 1816 Chester Co, SC), she died 17 Jul 22 Jul 1922

Margaret Anne, 21 Jul 1827, md James R. Murray, died 17 Jul 1897, buried Kolb cem.

John M, b 1831, md Flora E. Stephens

Elizabeth E, b 1840, md William Leroy Stephenson.

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