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Countdown To Adventure on Bull Island

Bull Island is a 5,000 acre undeveloped barrier island within the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge. The island is 6.5 miles long, uninhabited by humans, accessible only by boat for day use only. An incredible variety of bird species, American alligators, deer, woodland, marsh, and marine creatures.

Originally called Oneiscau, by the Seewee Natives in the 1600s, it became known as Bull (or Bulls) Island in 1670, named for an early settler. There is a house on the island, Dominick House, built in 1925 by former U.S. Sen. Gayer Dominic as a winter home. The house was used as a rustic inn for birders until the 1960s.

12 times a year, Coastal Expeditions runs a weekend at Dominick House – and next weekend, I will be making the trip! I’ve made several day trips over to the island, sunrise, sunset, beachcombing, and Milky Way. This is going to be amazing!

Look for a follow up post after my trip, with lots of photos!


From US Fish and Wildlife Service, includes full size map

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