The American Heritage Festival 2023

Reflecting back on this year’s American Heritage Festival, at Graham’s Historic Farm in Lake City, SC.

I first attended this annual event last year, it was also my first visit to Lake City. You can read about it here. I had a great time, and a year later found myself transitioned from attendee to volunteer. What a privilege it was to be able to help support this event! I am looking forward to next year already, this event is scheduled for President’s Day weekend, 2024.

The farm itself is really a beautiful place, and being able to access the property was an absolute joy. The 100 acre farm has been in the Graham family for many generations, since 1738. The land is still actively farmed, with crops such as cotton, soybeans, and radishes. The fields and the woods are a rare treasure. Learn more about the fascinating history here.

Because I was working most of the event, I only captured a few random photos I’ll share with you all below.

As night began to fall on Saturday, the American camp paraded down an old road, carrying torches and imploring the people to follow, and gather in support of the Revolution. The bonfire was a beautiful gathering of folks, sharing stories and telling tales.

I got to spend some brief time in Lake City itself, in a comfortable, art-filled inn. What a treat! The Inn at the Crossroads is located on West Main Street in Lake City. The lobby was filled with art pieces and a grand piano and interesting furniture. There is an on-site restaurant and bar. Lake City is famous for art, with street murals and museums. The photos below are from the Inn.

Zoom in on the sheep below, and check out exactly what he’s made of!

Many thanks to the Graham family for letting me be a part of this annual celebration! Lake City is lucky to have this historic property protected. This event is a labor of love, and honors the Revolutionary War history in South Carolina.

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