Tibwin Plantation

Tibwin Plantation stands in near-ruin in the Francis Marion National Forest. January is the perfect time to visit, I can imagine the bugs are horrific much of the warm months of the year. There were indeed mosquitoes near the water when I hiked at Tibwin South, but not even enough to have to use repellent.

To get to Tibwin Plantation, Go down Tibwin Road to the end – there is a gate, and a small parking area. You have to walk down the road to the house, which will be on your right. It’s on the ocean side of Hwy 17, so on the left if you’re coming from Georgetown, on the right if coming from Charleston.

The house is in dangerous shape – I cannot stress that enough, you must proceed with caution. Also proceed with respect, do not take or move or even touch anything inside or near the house.

The House

The house was built in 1803, and moved back fromt he water to its’ current location because of a hurricane threat in 1822. In 1996, the property was acquired by the US Forest Service, actually in far worse shape than it is now. The roof had blown off during Hurricane Hugo, which has been replaced. The house is shored up with beams, with fireplace chimneys detaching from the house, and the front porches needing major bracing.

Tibwin’s cash crop was Sea Island cotton, with approximately 105 enslaved people linked to the estate inventory of William Mathewes, filed 27 Nov 1848, lists the names of 271 enslaved ancestors at Pleasant Meadow, Tibwin, Milldam and Springfield Plantations.

Tibwin Plantation, House, Charleston, Charleston County, SC Drawings from Survey HABS SC-693-A

The columns and the edging at the top in the hallways, and the detail over the doorway bottom center are all ancient wallpaper.

Hiking at Tibwin South

Resources/More Information/Maps

Tibwin Plantation – from the South Carolina Plantations site

Tibwin Planation from the Historic Charleston Foundation

South Tibwin Hiking Trail from the US Forest Service. Includes link to trail map. South Tibwin is just down the road from the plantation, just over a half mile, with a separate parking area. Trails are seasonal, some are closed during hunting season.

South Tibwin from SC Trails

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