Seewee Shell Ring Trail

The mystique surrounding the area encompassed by this one-mile, self-guided interpretive trail dates back 4,000 years. The trail begins along a shady lane of
trees which opens into an area heavily influenced by the forces of nature and man. A large portion of the area was scarred by Hurricane Hugo, and by wildfire. It is
a picture of a land in recovery.

The 120-foot boardwalk overlooks a prehistoric shell ring and offers five interpretive stops in addition to breathtaking views of the salt marsh, tidal creek and the Intracoastal Waterway.

I didn’t see any other people on this walk, probably because there were 80 billion angry mosquitoes and flies. The bug spray I have (this particular brand melted my iPhone case when it got on it, so it is powerful) held the flying swarms at bay, but kept me on the move. Poor planning also had me on the trail at hide tide, finding a stretch of it impassable because of high water. Not a big fan of water (or any, come to think of it) snakes, so I didn’t try to traverse it.

This trail would be best in the late fall/winter season, so the insects don’t carry you off.

Sewee Shell Ring Boardwalk

Guide and Map

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