Hampton Plantation

A historic 1735 mansion house, and beautiful grounds at this South Carolina state historic site. (See note at the bottom of this post-much more to come!)


All the official details can be found here, at the state park’s really informative website: Hampton Plantation State Historic Site

House Tour

House tour was $10, a bargain. Ranger Mike did a great job of showing us around, telling stories, and answering a broad range of questions. This was my second house tour, last time I went well off-season, and it was just me and the Ranger. It was interesting to tour with a group this time out.


I visited on April 24th, and I am guessing that after this, the bugs will be – relentless. I was doused in Deep Woods OFF, and managed to get out relatively unscathed, but…stopping on the trails brought the mosquitos in immediately.





Interesting Architectural Features

Much of the construction process was done out on the front lawn, with each board fitted by hand. The Roman numerals shown above are from wall 17. One of the reasons Roman numerals were used – they only needed three stamps, an X, a V, and a I.

The Grounds


John Henry Rutledge passed away in one of the upstairs rooms. He was so mourned by the family, he was buried within sight of the house – every room on the back of the house had a view of this spot.

Just a ways on down the path is a small brick cemetery, the final resting place of Archibald Rutledge and his sons. Archibald was born at the plantation in 1883. He was the first poet laureate of South Carolina. He was the last private owner of the plantation, leaving the property to the state.

From Spanish Moss 

In Spanish moss there’s a mystery:
It veils the southern coast;
It shrouds the oaks and cypresses;
In it the little birds are lost.
It makes each wood a haunted place, 
And every tree a ghost.

Stayed tuned…I am working on a permanent page for Hampton Plantation, as I made a follow-up visit, and read more on the place and the people. Much much more to come!!

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