Hammond’s Store

December 30, 1780

Hammond’s Store

Another battle pitting brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor. The tragedy of the Revolutionary War in this area was exactly that – a civil war, with atrocities committed by both sides. There is none more self-righteously possessed than those who believe they have been grievously injured. Sadly, it is the nature of man to retaliate in kind.

“The Distress of the Women and Children stripp’d of every thing by plundering Villains cries aloud for redress.”
Lt. Col. William Washington

“While the cavalry charge at Hammond’s Store might seem inconsequential, it was revered by Daniel Morgan for having been a successful operation without the loss of a single American soldier. Because of this fact, along with the string of victories by Col. William Washington’s light dragoons, whatever complaints of brutality towards the scattered loyalists were soon forgotten and remain a footnote in the greater picture of the campaign that lead to Daniel Morgan’s victory at Cowpens.

Today, the site of Hammond’s Store along the Bush River south of Clinton, South Carolina is no longer visible to passersby. However, it is yet another example of how a small military operation laid the foundation for what would become a major battle of the American Revolution.”

I had the unique opportunity to visit this site with local historian and gracious guide, Mr. Durant Ashmore. The indentation made by the old road is clearly visible, once pointed out and oriented. Metal detecting surveys have previously uncovered musket balls.

This is sacred ground, men were buried here where they fell.

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  1. Excellent Blog post, and thank you very much for sharing. I continue to research Family History and Events that occur mainly in South Carolina. My Family, many of who settled in SC, had members who served in the Revolutionary War, thereby adding another research category to be explored over the years. The information in your Blog is much appreciated, and I will continue to follow your postings. cd.

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