Camden and Waxhaws Field Trip

I am looking forward to learning more, visiting Camden again, and Waxhaws for the first time. Looks like the weather will cooperate for a change.

Mr. Durant Ashmore is leading the expedition:


This Saturday, March 5 at 10:00, I will be leading a field trip to the Battle of Camden and the Battle of the Waxhaws (Buford’s Massacre).

We will meet at the Camden Revolutionary War Visitor’s Center, 212 Broad St., then travel 7 miles to the battlefield site, then approx. 50 miles to the site of the Waxhaws, where Bloody Ban Tarleton etched his name in the annals of infamy.

This will be an all day trip. We will have lunch/rest at a convenience store very close to the Waxhaws site.

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