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Permanent pages are listed in the menu at the top. There is also a search feature, and I try to use tags and categories to help with navigation.

I began researching my family many years ago. I owe a debt of gratitude to all of the kind, interesting, and amazing people that I have met with and/or corresponded with. I’m still enjoying the journey of compiling this information.

I will try to pass along that kindness whenever I can. These pages are a labor of love, in tribute to my ancestors, and for the preservation of history for future generations.

All of the historical and genealogical data shared here has been collected for personal, non-commercial use. If you are so inclined to want to make a donation, it would be greatly appreciated. Site hosting is an annual expense, but I hope you agree it is worth it. There’s a link to contact me/donate at the top of the page.

I hope you enjoy your visit here. If you happen to see any errors, or have additional information to share, please feel free to contact me.

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